Paphos 9th September?

by Devon on Friday 6 July 2018 21:23

Will be my first “Friendship’ holiday and wonder if anyone else flying from Gatwick on 9th Sept? Maybe meet for a drink in departures?

Hi Devon, thank goodness somebody else is going, rather thought it would the ultimate singles holiday and only i was going !! I'm flying from Gatwick on the 9th and glady meet up for a pre-flight drinks. How well do you know the North Terminal at Gatwick ?? you name a time and place and i will be there !! but i will not wear a red carnation for identfication !!!



Hi Paul - tku for your reply! Am travelling up from Plymouth and staying the night before at Travelodge Gatwick.  Maybe meet at Wetherspoons around 6am?  Can send you another msg the evening before to confirm.  Should be a red rose in the teeth you know 😀 Look forward to meeting you......

Hi Devon,

Didn't realise until last night that there are 2 x flights on that Sunday, but i'm booked on the 15.20 flight so i guess that you are on the early morning flight, unless to plan to be in  Weatherspoons from 6.00am to early afternoon !!

Will have to postpone the meet-up until we get to the bar at the hotel, but as i don't arrive until gone 11.00pm, it's unlikely the hotel bar will be open at that time. A mate of mine is going on an earlier flight with British Airways from Gatwick and will probably arrive at the same time you get there, you can't miss him, he's a dead ringer for the comedian Michael McIntrye and has a sense of humor to match !!



Hi Paul - that’s a shame! but thank you for letting me know. Will keep a look out for the comedian 😁 around departures and then hope to meet you on the Monday in resort. Bon voyage! Devon

Hi everyone

I am thinking of booking for those dates also.

Has anyone been to Paphos before?

Would be interested to know what the resort is like!


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