New Jordan Trip

by petra on Thursday 4 July 2019 16:04

Is there anyone out there thinking of doing this trip who would be flying out of Newcastle.  I am considering this but a bit apprehensive of having to fly down to Gatwick to stay overnight before flying out the next day.  Muriel. 

Hi, i will be the host for the Jordan tour. I will be travelling to Gatwick the night before departure and staying over at a hotel. For anyone who needs to stay the night before please let the ofice know and they can book your hotel, and i will arrange to meet anyone for dinner and drinks that evening. Thx

Hi Mel, I note that you say you propose to stay the night before departure but where are you travelling from to get to Gatwick.  I am a bit reluctant to travel on my own from Newcastle - I prefer a direct flight to my destination choice. 


Hi Petra, I totally understand your nervousness as I was in the same position a couple of years ago when I went to Paros.  In the end, it couldn’t have been easier!!  

I traveled down from Teesside by train to Kings Cross, walked around the corner to St. Pancras for the train to Gatwick.  I decided to stay in a hotel right at the terminal and literally just had to walk out of the hotel right into the terminal for the flight.  Trying to remember which hotel I stayed in but won’t come to me right now, but there are several hotels at each terminal.

If I remember rightly when you get off the train at Gatwick there is a shuttle that takes you right to the terminal building.  It really was a piece of cake so please don’t let it put you off.




Unfortunately i wont be travelling from your area, however i have travelled to Gatwick quite a lot, and once in London the trains run regularly to the airport, and Gatwick is very easy to go from the train to the hotel and terminal etc. Some guests chooose to fly into Gatwick, coach or train depending on where they are travelling from. 

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