Total newbie from ireland

by Bubbly Lady on Wednesday 23 January 2019 22:33

I have never done a solo holiday ever but really want to try it.  I love to meet fun like minded people who are friendly as I will be quite nervous first time round.  Being in souther Irelamd i assume I will have to fly to UK first as they seem to be from uk airports. Can anyone recommend a first time trip for me.  I want some sun laughs and culture and make new friends too.  Thank you for any advice.

Hi, welcome to the group, I have met people from both the north and south of Ireland on these trips and I am pretty sure they both flew from their regional airports, Just give the office a ring or e.mail to confirm this, they will be glad to help. Ps. I am from Dublin originally.good luck pete.

Hi  I would ring the Friedship travel office they will be able to help you re the flight.The office staff are very knowledgeable and know the answer straight away. I have known people fly directly from Ireland but most went through UK airport. As for where to go I suggest you look at all the holidays you fancy and then ask us about them. We all have our favourite destinations which are all very different. My favourite is the village of Lindos  on Rhodes the company have two different hotels there  Memories Hotel  and Caesar’s Gardens. It is well worth reading frequently asked questions section. If you have any questions about that area ask away. I have been traveling with this company for some years and we always welcome Newbies . Cheers Jane 






Hi guys thanks so much for advice I do really appreciate it. I just have to take the plunge and I bet i won't regret it.....excited just decide where now.

Take the plunge. You definitely won’t forget it. The house parties are great. i have done Rhodes, Zante and Turkey. They have all been good, but we all have our favourites for different reasons. I have done 15 ...or 16 ? Trips with FT including caribbean and city breaks and they have all been good. Age range and gender mix doesnt matter. i have met some lovely people.

Thanks Moggiemiss I will look at the houseparties too might be way to start off too. 😁😎😎😁

Hi Bobblylady- I am in the same boat as you, working out where to go for my first FT holiday.  I am down to 2 choices - the Ionian in Zante and the Ocean Dreams in Fueteventura September sometime - AliB

Well I clicked on your message for the simple reason that I am a newbie lone "traveller" too. . What sort of holiday do you have in mind?? 

For my first solo travel I am looking at a relaxing week in the sun in September.  Hence why I am looking at the Ionian Hill, Zante.  This will hopefully give me a chance to relax , maybe a bit of sightseeing and a chance to socialise and enjoy some company in the evenings over dinner.  What about you Damian, what are you looking for?  Alison