Forever, Turkey - 19 August

by Post-It-Note on Thursday 18 July 2019 18:35

Hello.  I have booked to go the Forever on 19 August.  Anyone else booked? cool 

Hello, I am about to book 2 weeks in the Forever, but thinking of going on the 20th of August 19

Hiya, yes going the 19th, 15 last time I heard going which is a good crowd, been before and had an amazing time. See you there

Hi All.  I think it may be fully booked now so it will be a great fun week.  I dont arrive till about midnight or there after on the Monday evening and will be ready for a drinky in the bar! laughing  Looking forward to meeting everyone cool

Look forward to it, dont forget to print off your visa :-)


I'm coming as well but I'm on the Gulet for the previous week 

Looking forward to meeting everyone 




10 days to go....... I'm really looking forward to the sunshine and blue sky, even though I tend to follow the shade around the parasol! laughing

Julia - you can get your visa online via the link that FT sent in your confirmation email? 


Hello, I'll be there quite late on 19th, looking forward to it. Julie.

Hi All

Only a week to go! cool Looking forward to meeting you all and getting some sunshine! 

See you at the Bar cool 

Super early but today was my last day at work....... Roll on the sunshine!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ So looking forward to meeting you all, tho I am arriving late Monday! 😊