Lindos Memories April 2020

by Wills76 on Tuesday 22 October 2019 10:16

Just returned from Memories last week. I had a great week with a great group. Sitting here in the rain and lookin through the new brochure to get some ideas for next year, I thought I'd go back for an early season break.

So 'hello' to the 6 who beat me to the idea, it would be nice to hear from you. Also to those yet to book it looks like it could be a large party.

I am also thinking of this one for next year, do you know what the weather is like in April? If you have any comments to make about hotel, FT trips, surrounding area, what to do of an evening, please let me know. Whenever I have been on an FT holiday in the past, most people mention Memories and say how lovely it is. Does it have a spa/gym? Sue

Hi Sue,

I've been to Lindos a couple of times in early May so as a guide I would expect to be sunbathing most days with the occasional cloudy day and a chance of rain, possibly a storm as I had 2 weeks ago. Eating out maybe inside rather than on the rooftops depending on the weather and you may need to expect a cooler evening occasionally. 

I think the hotel is about 20 years old but is in good condition and I have never had a problem.  The staff are very attentive and friendly. There is a small gym and spa and it's worth looking at the Hotels website to get a better feel for the place. 

Lindos is a cab ride away 8-10 Euros to go in and 6-8 to return. The cabs charge 2 for a call out. Reception will arrange for you.The beaches in Lindos vary but are, in my opinion, better for swimming than the hotel beach which, while sandy, has a few rocks as you go in the sea. 

There are a number of trips on the FT Lindos page. I have been on several but it depends on your interests.

There are some excellent restaurants for the nights you eat out and a wide choice of bars for all tastes. I would expect to go into Lindos 4-5 nights in a week and stay at the hotel bar the other 2. There is a Greek night at the hotel on a thursday but I am not sure if they will be putting it on at the beginning of the season.



Thanks so much for such comprehensive comments, very useful to know. It does look like a lovely hotel, I am though more of a pool person rather than beach person, so presume there isn't a rush for loungers in the mornings? Are most of the rooms overlooking the sea, or do you have to pay extra for seaview rooms? Is there anywhere nearby to stroll around, perhaps for a coffee or shops, or do you need to get taxi into Lindos? Sue 

There are plenty of sunbeds around the pools. No need to rush to put out your towel when I've been there.

The rooms allocated to FT do not have a good sea view. The brochure says side sea view, which I could possibly have had if I leant over the balcony to find out. My balcony was quite dark but I only went out there to hang my things to dry. There are full sea view rooms but I am not aware of the supplement charged.

There are no good places for a walk or shops/cafes near the hotel. Far better to take a cab into Lindos, although some people walk in which will be more acceptable in the cooler weather.

The streets of Lindos are cobbles and steep in places, far better in flat shoes. Some ladies take their 'Heels' with them to change into if needed. Some nice places for coffee, all part of exploring to find them.

Hi - I have been to Memories 3 times during the month of May (11th/17th and 23rd) and have never encountered any weather problems.  I would consider early April but flights do not commence from Newcastle until May.

This year I went on the 12/6/19 (as I had been away in Cyprus just prior to that) and it so hot it was really unbearable so May is the preferable month for me. 

Like the previous replies, I reiterate that Memories is a beautiful hotel with amazing staff and excellent Host (Emer).  Anymore questions, please ask. Muriel. 

Hi Everyone I notice this year the brochure says "side-on sea glimpse" . 
cheers Jane 

Thanks everyone for all your comments, will definitely consider April as I prefer weather not too hot. 

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