Raga, Turkey - 25th May

by Gi11 on Tuesday 14 May 2019 23:39

Hi, Spending 1 week at Raga from 25th May, anyone want to say hi?

First time on a friendship holiday but really looking forward to it!

Hi Gi11. I will be away by the time you arrive on 25th but know you’ll have a great time. There’s another thread running about the Raga which may give you some other info and if there is anything you want to know, just ask. 

Hi Gi11

I'm also a Newbie and will be there on 25th May. I'm excited but also a little nervous. I'm flying from Stansted. See you in 10 days' time.


Hi Christine, I’ve seen the great reviews about the hotel which sounds fab. Hope you have a great time. When do you leave?

Hi Boxermum, I’m pleased I’m not alone as a newbie! Looking forward to meeting you there. Not long to go now!

Hi Folks

I'm at the Raga for 2 weeks commencing 25th May flying from Manchster at 8am - arriving mid-afternoon.

FT office said last week that there are 8 (6 women and 2 men) booked which is a reasonable size. Not exactly a newbie - I first travelled with FT in 2005!!


Hi All

I've asked on the other Raga thread if any of you can advise me on currency if you could have a quick read. As you're out there now thought you are best to ask. So looking forward to it after reading Christine's messages.

Lesley x

hi Tadlad

Im arriving late on 1st June from Gatwick, so expect I will catch up with you + the rest of the group on Sunday ......unless the bar is still open when I arrive ?cool 

Looking forward to it


hi sue 

I'm there on the 1st of June get there about 5 looking forward to it now 



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