Raga Hotel Side

by Eljsy on Saturday 5 October 2019 19:50

I’m thinking of doing this hotel next year and would welcome any feedback from anybody who’s been this year. Particularly interested in dining arrangements.

Its looks amazing but it’s not a cheap option so,I’d be interested to hear what others think.



when are you thinking of going ? I'm looking at this for July/ August 2020


Hi, I was thinking of going in June but have been put off by the recent situation between Turkey and Syria. Will probably go to Majorca instead now.

I don't think that anyone who has been to the Raga this year once, twice or even three times will be put off from going back there next year! It won't put me off..

I take it you enjoyed it then? 

That was the original intention of this post,  to get some feedback from those who’d been already. It looks absolutely amazing.

I'm thinking about this for next year too. A few of the most recent Feefo reviews mention the FT host not being up to scratch, but the hotel itself gets pretty good reviews.  



Don't know what I was thinking so ignore my previous post.  Totally got the wrong hotel.  It's the 4Reasons I'm interested in!! 😎

187 rooms and AI, the Raga is not for me.  My idea of hell in fact, lol. πŸ˜†β˜ΊοΈ


Having been at some rubbish H10 hotels in Play Blanca with FT many years ago I was mainly interested in the gulet week following the Raga week and was hoping that the Raga was not like the H10's but the reviews were very good. Unfortunately due to the demise of Cooks the gulet was cancelled and I was in the Raga for 2 weeks. Had a great time... hotel is excellent, and I couldn't find any faults at all. Food was very good and the wines also (unlike H10 crap!) the staff were all good as well. Mini bar & safe included and it was quality all the way. Loads of places to go and explore and I had the best day going to Alanya, not an FT trip but easy with cheap buses. Hotel beach and beach bar with nice seating area for lunch all very good and the entertainment was actually pretty good with some good bands. We didn't get back from Alanya until 10.15 pm, but no problem.... the Bistro restaurant is open all night !! I'll be back...  Cheers, Rod

Eljsy..... in answer to your dining arrangements question, FT have their own private table and it's nice & close to the BBQ !!

Thanks for all the feedback, the Raga sounds like a wonderful hotel. I’d really like to visit but feeling a bit uncomfortable with the current situation between Turkey and Syria.