Apollon Hotel - is anyone going on 10th Oct??? Just about to book....

by CathyH on Wednesday 7 August 2019 15:06

Needing a week in the sun before winter sets in and wondering if anyone else ahs booked in Oct 10th-17th????

Oh ive just booked for 29 th Aug Pity youre not coming then..

Hope you have a great time! x



ive just booked for 03.10.19 for 7 nights  - its my first time solo holiday anyone else going i depart from ema 

Hi Cathy, myself and two ladies I met in June have just booked for 10th Oct, be lovely if you joined us for some pre winter sunshine.

Hi Sal, I booked yesterday! For a week from 10th Oct, so yes, I would love to join you ladies for some late sun, shared evenings with wine and food, and lots to talk about! Apparently there are now 4 ladies and 1 man booked for that week! So let's hope the numbers build a bit, but I'm sure we'll have a great time. I have not been to Zante before and just fancied some last sunbathing before winter sets in. Look forward to meeting you all, and keep in touch! Where are you flying from? I am flying from Manchester. Get there about 3pm I think. xx

Hi cathy and all . Would like to join you all in Greece Has anyone been to the hotel before . I can’t fly from Belfast so would have to go To Manchester. Patrick 

My first solo holiday Patrick 

Hi Patrick,

I haven't been to the Apollon before but I've looked at loads of reviews and for a 2* it looks pretty decent. Friendship Travel are reliable in providing good hotels etc so go for it and book! 

I have travelled twice with FT, to Turkey, and both holidays were good. No complaints! It can be a bit daunting to arrive on your own, but usually the other people are good company and everyone is in the same boat so to speak, so it's easy to mix and chat. 

Might see you on 10th October then....???! Cathy