Travelling with FT this summer - updated details.

by ColumatFTMD on Friday 26 June 2020 20:07

Everyone at FT is looking forward to the UK governments announcement on Monday 29 June with regards to 'air bridges' and also seeing the updated UK FCO travel advise.

Then people who wish to travel this summer can decide where and when to go on holiday. In preparations for FT holidays restarting we have prepared a flyer on what to expect on holiday with FT this summer season. FT plans to start holidays from the end of July onwards. 

Check out our Facebook page to see the flyer - 

The text from the flyer is pasted below, without the colours and designs!

What to expect when you fly with Friendship Travel this summer

We want everyone to enjoy their holiday and stay safe. Here’s what to expect. 

Before you leave home, if you feel unwell and especially if you have a fever, new continuous cough and/or loss of smell or taste, you should seek medical advice.

At the airport

  • Before you leave home, check your airline and airport websites for latest instructions regarding check-in, security/passport control and boarding.
  • You will be asked to wear a face-covering. You probably have your own, but we tuck two masks in your ticket wallet ‘just in case’ and with our compliments.
  • Read airport signs and follow the rules on social distancing.
  • Wash your hands often or use hand sanitising stations. We include a 50ml bottle of sanitising gel in your ticket wallet, as a gift, so you can take it onboard in your hand luggage

On arrival

  • Different countries have their own procedures and we must all comply with them. For example, you may be tested with a thermal camera or asked to complete a health declaration - have your FT pen at the ready.
  • Collect your luggage, head to ‘arrivals’ and look for our Host who welcomes you with a cool drink and arranges transfers.
  • Transfer arrangements comply with local rules, typically accepting fewer guests in each vehicle to enable social distancing.

At your hotel

  • Hotel policies vary by destination. These may include wearing face-coverings indoors and social distancing guidance. Please respect the local regulations.
  • Wash your hands as often as you can and use the hand sanitising stations in public areas.

What happens at mealtimes?

  • Friendship Travel is adopting World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on social distancing which is currently 1 metre. This means spacing chairs apart at meals: depending on the number of guests, we may occupy two or three tables, but we still eat as a group. 


  • It may not be possible for all excursions to operate, but where they do they must stick to local rules on maximum numbers etc. Your Host will update you early on in your holiday.

Your return journey

  • The same rules apply in reverse, so please comply with airport and airline policies at check-in, security/passport control and boarding.
  • Make sure you have a spare face-covering for the return journey.
  • Continue to wash your hands or use the hand sanitising stations provided at your departure and UK arrival airport, and have a safe onward journey.

As always - if anyone has any questions please let us know - 

Hello Colum - i have just read the FT Flyer and i felt i just had to say what a lovely company FT are, enclosing as well as the usual pen some face masks and sanitiser, that is a very kind and thoughtful thing to do.

i am not going on holiday this year as i am quite frightened of flying this year, what with having to social distance i think i would be terribly anxious.  However, i will be going on holiday in May 2021 and i will be booking it shortly as i am sure i will feel better about flying by then - so will be in touch as soon as i have decided where.

i wish you and all your lovely staff good times to look forward to.



Queries about travelling this summer ?

Look on the Friendship Travel Facebook page - yesterday - Wed 8 July. Colum did a live Q&A session which answers many questions. 

Read our document about travelling this summer.

Refunds update -

For anyone waiting on a cash refund back from a cancelled holiday. 

We currently have all refunds completed for 95% of holidays due to depart up to the 8 June 2020. Next week we will move forward to the middle of June departures.

Thanks for your patience on this process. If anyone has any questions, as always please email or call us on 0289 446 2211, open Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 18.00. 

Colum - FT MD. 

For details of what pre-arrival forms you need to complete before arrival, please check this web site 

Jet2 also has a list of requirments.

Go to   Covid 19  click  Read more.

Country entry requirments

All you need to know before you go

a list of countries and click the one you want 


Refunds - 

We have now completed 95% of our refunds up to departures due to leave the UK on the 16 June and will move onto the next week of departures this week and early next week. 

Thanks for your patience on these matters. 

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