Skiing in st Christophe

by Emmy on Tuesday 18 December 2018 12:50

hi. I’m thinking of going to st Christophe in January and possibly again in March. I normally ski in France but thought it would make a pleasant change. Has anyone stayed there before?  I’ve not been with FT before but met a nice crowd who were with them in February this year in Courmayeur. 

Hi Emmy, I've signed up to go to St Christoph on 2nd Feb.  Like you, I usually ski in France but the FT French dates didn't fit in with my availability, so I'm going back to Austria for the first time in years.  My preference for France over Austria is based on bigger resorts and higher snow-sure skiing.  But I don't think that will be an issue in St Christoph..... big ski area and very high, 1800m.  I've skiied twice before with FT, once in Tignes (Mark Warner hotel, similar to this, though this one is Inghams) and once in their very small chalet in Alpe d'Huez.  Really enjoyed both! Not sure if that helps, hopefully you'll get some replies from someone who's actually been!  The hotel seems to get very good reviews......

Hi Emmy

I am going on the St Christophe one on the 19th Jan

I went to Serre Chevalier last year with FT which was a dedicated chalet and was a good bunch of people. Likewise I had not been to Austria for a while and have been to France for the last few years.




You have picked a great resort in Austria. Also the snow report today gives over 2 metres of snow due in the next week, so conditions in January will be amazingsmile

For anyone else looking for a ski holiday - give us a call on 0289 446 2211 for further details. 

Colum - FT Owner and Skier! 

Hi Emmy & Julian

I'm going to St. CHRISTOPH on the 19th. 1st time with Friendship Travel but I've skied in Austria more than I have in France. Piste usually well maintained and the Gluwhein tastes better than Vin Chaud. Snow reports look good. Hope to meet you there


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