Greece - Galini Wellness Spa and Resort - September 29th

by AdrianW on Wednesday 9 October 2019 17:23

A HUGE thank you to those who helped me out during my recent holiday - became ill on last night and had to be helped by fellow guests. Turned out my heart went into atrium fibulation + chest infected. Not sure if guests who went will read this, but thank you again xxx

Good to hear from you Adrian, good to hear you are recovering.

Take care

Judy x

Oh Adrian, so good to hear from you.  You did have us worried!  It was great to meet everyone, and apart from the transfer time chaos, the rest of the week was fun and relaxing. Take care of yourself.



Thanks ever so much for letting us know. I hope your heart keeps improving. Wishing you the very best!  Marion

So good to hear you are recovering.

We had'nt rehearsed "My Way" (Joke).

With best wishes Mary (Irl)

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