by espanol on Sunday 27 October 2019 12:40

Thinking of booking Jordan June 20

Hi  I was considering doing this trip in February but as I live in the North-East I was going to have to fly down the previous night before departure and was not too keen to do this alone.  Where would you be flying from ? Muriel. 

I do not think there is a direct flight to Gatwick from Newcastle.

Hi Muriel, I would be flying from Gatwick if I book to go in June, only about 45 mins from me. It's correct that there's no direct flights from NC to Gatwick. You'd have to fly to either Heathrow or Stansted. There are trains from Stansted to London Victoria and coach or train from Victoria station to Gatwick. Hope this helps. Cathy

Hi again, thanks for the information regarding flights but I doubt whether I want to have all this hassle to get there (plus the 2 nights stays on either end).   

I have been to Jordan in previous years so yes, i would love to go again but I prefer a journey where I can hop on a plane at Newcastle and reach my destination in say 4/5 hours without any stop-overs - hence that is why I visit Memories Hotel & Spa in Lindos, Rhodes twice a year.   Thanks anyway. Muriel. 

Love memories and Rhodes, have fun whatever you decide. Cath

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