Apollon 27th June

by Fletch on Monday 10 June 2019 15:56

Hi Firstly for others comments and advise - I have now finally booked the Apollon on the 27th June - I look forward to hoefully meeting some of you there! - Matt.

Hi Matt, I'm going that week too as will a few of the people I met last year at the Forever Hotel in Turkey. We're a really friendly bunch so look forward to seeing you there and having a great time smile


That’s great . It’s my first time on mine own and really looking forward to it . Looking forward to meeting you too Sharon and it’s great re the friendly bunch , I am too by the way ! See you there 

You'll have a great time Matt. Only one of our group has been to the Apollon before and we're all getting really excited now. We'll have a blast!

Where are you flying from?  My flight is from Stansted at 5.15 am and one of the guys who I met last year is also on the same flight too.

I’m on the same flight as you then from Stansted . I can’t wait either .

see you at the airport !!

Hi, I'm there on the 27th as well, 5.40am flight form Gatwick. Look forward to meeting you both. Lynn

Look forward to meeting you Lynn . The long weather forecast looks fab too .

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Thanks Sandra, I did ask FT if anyone else was on my flight when I booked a few weeks ago, they said I was the only one, so it's reassuring to know I'm not.

Sorry, meant to say, look forward to meeting you too Matt