Forever hotel May 21

by angie46 on Thursday 11 March 2021 21:43

Anyone booking for Hotel Forever end of May ?? 

Maybe. I'm waiting until 12th April to see what the government decides about opening up travel.


Yes Ang, I'm hoping to but in Wales we still have a no travel Lockdown. Hope that eases soon.

I was going to the Forever on 10 May but have now moved it to end of June, hoping that holidays will be up & running by then.

my 10th is now on for 17th Should be good, if not we will do it eventually

According to my reading on the Internet ... reliable or not that Turkey hopes to welcome  travellers in June. Everything is speculation at the moment. We all live in hope


Turkey has said happy to accept Brits without testing or vaccination proof and this is great but will the airlines want testing and what will be the conditions for returning to the Uk. I think the approach bu UK governments  will be cautious with regard to international travel and in stages. We await the 12 April!


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