Newbie - Croatia, Hotel Amour, Brac 15th June

by Sharron on Friday 5 April 2019 09:27

Hi, is anyone travelling to Croatia to Brac on 15th June? Wouldn't mind an online "get to know you" chat if you are!!! Sharron

hi i was looking at croatia that but was trying to find out how many are going and if anyone is flying from mancherster airport ?

Hi, I'm flying from Manchester if you did decide on Croatia. Perhaps we could meet at the airport after we've had a chat on-line? Sharron

Hi Sharron, myself and my next door neighbour have both booked this trip - really looking forward to it! We're flying from Dublin and don't arrive until late on the Saturday night.

Do you know how many people are in our wee gang? I've been away a few times with Friendship Travel, it's always a lovely group.


Would have loved this as my first FT Holiday but only free from the 17th..  typical.

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