need advice on where to go

by grahamjb on Sunday 14 April 2019 10:25

Hi im new to singles holidays and need some advice on wheres best to go for the first time where i can meet like minded people and have some fun.


For your first time I would recommend the Forever Hotel in Turkey.  It's a Houseparty hotel with 19 rooms so only single Friendship guests will be there. I went on my first solo holiday there in September and had a blast.  There was a good mix of men and women and the rep, Jean is hilarious.  We started the week with an evening pub crawl which broke the ice (you don't have to go if it's not your thing).  There are some good inexpensive excursions - I recommend the Turkish Bath.  It's up to you what type of holiday you want to make it. I'm going back there in May for 2 weeks.  I'm sure wherever you go with Friendship you'll have a great

Have been with Friendship 3 times now so relatively new myself.  Have been to Lindos Memories and Skiathos.  Met some lovely people had a great time.

I am off to Ionian Hill this year it's had great reviews.


Take the plunge you won't regret it.  I have had a great time every time



been with friendship travel 4 times now, you wont regret it, a houseparty is most probably best for your first time, as the hotel is just for you, have been to Zante twice and Forever once, going the last 2 weeks of the season to Forever this year, jean the rep makes sure you are included in everything, pub crawl is great fun , but it is whatever you want it to be,


Thankyou for your great advice i think the house party sounds great 

Hi Graham, i think the house party is the best bet for us first timers.  The only problem you have is  choosing which one to go to!  Claire

Hi, Graham and Claire

Reading this with interest, I'm not convinced that there is a "best" place for the first-timer - depends on your tastes and expectations. However, from what you've said I think the Apollon or the Forever would suit you well. Both are incredibly relaxed and everyone is super-friendly from the off. It takes seconds to get from your room to the pool and there's usually a bunch of friendly faces around all day.

The Apollon enjoys the advantage of being 100m from the sea (pre-breakfast dip?), whereas the Forever, though a long way from the sea (dolmus/taxi) enjoys a lovely quiet location. The top floor rooms at the Apollon are definitely well above 2* quality.

Despending on when you can travel there are some lovely "boutique" places too that are pretty small.

The bigger 4* hotels are usually very good as well, but obviously less "intimate" and you can sometimes lose sight of your group during the day, if that bothers you. The small places are brilliant in summer, but if you go when the weather is less good the amenities are better in the bigger hotels.

Finally, the best compromise IMHO - Caesar's Gardens in Rhodes. Small enough to be very relaxed and friendly, and very quiet. Sure it's more expensive, but the rooms, food and amenities are outstanding. I met several first-timers there who loved it.

Good luck with your choice.


I recommend Lindos Memories. It is a beautiful hotel with a private beach. The pool is wonderful and there is no fight for sun loungers on the beach or round the pool. The staff at this hotel are second to none. There is a good bar for a drink in the evenings and also the choice of going into Lindos which is beautiful. This will be my 4th visit in June and I keep going back.

Grahamjb, I would highly recommend H10 Ocean Dreams in Fuerteventura, it’s a fabulous adults only hotel, near to bars and restaurants, not far from the beach too. There is a spa and the outside pool is very nice and lots of sun loungers to,relax on, I liked it so much last September I’m booked to go again later in the year. If you want to know anymore about this hotel, just ask.

Thanks everyone who messaged me about H10 in Fuerteventura,looking forward to it. I've been with Fruendship manY times and never been disappointed. Be good to hear on here From anyone is going out on the 19 June. Carol