by JAF on Wednesday 12 June 2019 11:48

Hello - I have never used this company before and wondered if anyone was going to Turkey in August?  Julie

Hi Julie, I am going to the Forever hotel Aug 9th, been a couple of times and had a great time.  Other places in Turkey I have heard are good too.  The company and reps really look after you. What ever you do have fun. Adam

Thanks Adam, I'm thinking of going on 19th August to that hotel.

Hi sorry missed the 1 off, I am going the 19th too :-) Hope to see you there. There was 10 going when I booked a couple of months ago

* Post Deleted *

I'm going to the Forever on the 19th Aug too.  It's a return visit for me as I've been once before a few years ago and had a lovely time, really looking forward to chilling in the sun. cool

I think I'm going to book this week for 19th August. Julie.


Ah that is really good, see you all there. Chatted to friendship last week and there was 12 booked so far so should be good numbers. Adam

I'm heading there on 19th too. My first time on one of these holidays but looks good from the brochure.

I've booked it so see you all there 😀