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4 -11 July 2022 Forever Hotel, Olu Deniz - looking to virtually meet anyone going too

by Americangirl on Sunday 24 April 2022 07:04

Hi all, hope everyone doing great!  I was wondering if anyone else on here might be going to Forever Hotel, Olu Deniz from 4 - 11 July as thought it would be nice to virtually meet some of you before the trip?  If so, please say Hi as I would love to meet you on here! :-) This is my first time using Friendship Travel - very excited to have a break esp after the last couple of years of restrictions! Andrea x

Just booked for that week, 14 going so far with a good mix so should be good

Nice to meet you Adam. :-)  Do you know the other 14 going or did you just mean that you know there will be 14 altogether?  Is it your first time going there? Andrea

Hi Andrea, I asked before I booked to see how many, I have been 3 times before, always a good holiday and Jean the rep is great.  You can do your own thing or as a group. Look forward to meeting you


Dont know if I know any of the others

You know me Adam.  I'll be there again for 2 weeks from 27 June cool  Look forward to seeing you both.  Jayne


Ha your 2nd home, see you there!!

I have just booked 4-11 July, having returned on Monday 30 May and looking forward to another visit and meeting new people. i love this hotel and have been a few times. I am flying from doncaster airport and hope to be arriving mid afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you


Look forward to meeting you all - Adam, Jayne and Moggiemis.  Will be a lot of fun. Is anyone going from Gatwick? Andrea x

Hi andrea, lots of flights out of Gatwick, I am due to land at 12.10 pm, from Doncaster...what time are you do to land? I know some guests ask FT if there are any others due on the same transfer, it is rather fluid because of flight changes,  anyway it is what it is and we all eventually connect and have a great time. My 6th visit to the Forever...x