Pathos 13 October

by Loobyloo on Thursday 26 September 2019 13:06

Hi Mary

It appears 4 of us are booked on this so far so l think we are going to be an intimate little group.

 I’m going from Birmingham. See you there. Di x

Hi Di I'm looking forward to meeting you and the two others who are going. I'm sure our little group will have a lovely holiday. I'm flying from Edinburgh and won't get there until late evening. See you then. Mary x

Hi Mary

I’m flying from Birmingham and don’t land until 2050 so it’s a late one for me too.

My surname is Johnson, hopefully they’ll give you my room number. If you arrive after me give me a knock or look in the bar. I’ll wear my Mickey Mouse sequin t shirt so you should recognise me. Also 5 foot nothing, blond short hair, a few extra pounds as they say! Getting excited now x

Hi Di cannot believe you are as petite as I am! I will definitely come and find you in your sparkly t shirt when I arrive. I'"m glad you'e arriving late on Sunday too as that means you will have a late flight home as well so we are guaranteed company all the time we are there. Very much looking forward to meeting you ☺️xx

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