Summer Holidays 😆

by Jill 1602 on Friday 30 November 2018 20:55

Where is everyone going for their summer holidays next year 😀 ? 

I haven’t booked anywhere just yet 😪

Just thinking - and I have absolutely no idea lol - where are you thinking ?

I’m  considering Ocean Dreams at the end of June as I’m off to Canada in May for a family wedding and it will be quite hectic so I’m looking for somewhere I can relax for a week at some point afterwards . I went to the Ocean Dreams last February and I loved everything about the holiday  - including  -  resort area & bars , location of hotel, spa area , my  room was great , lovely food , weather was brilliant   , the Group was small but lovely , rep was very helpful .

 Not 100% sure yet but I know I will have a great time there 😆


Just looking at Mallorca H10 Casa Del Mar beginning of June maybe 10 days.  Ive been the canaries 4 times this year and feel like a change :)....... I'm undecided at the moment but June is a good time for me to take my holiday.  Thanks for your info Jill

I went to both H10 Casa del Mar in Mallorca and H10 Ocean Dreams in Fuerteventura this year. Loved them both for different reasons, but would consider Ocean Dreams again for a holiday early in 2019.

I have booked for Caesars Gardens in Lindos, Rhodes in June. Went there in 2016 and to Memories same year. I loved Lindos it's so pretty. This year went to The Ionian Hotel in Zante, will return there too another year as lovely hotel and views. Can recommend all 3 hotels but Memories has jumped massively in price since 2016 so unlikely will return now.

Have been to CG in Lindos many times but they are getting very expensive so looking elsewhere. Thinking of Portugal , possibly the Casa Rosa at Olhao just trying tp pick a conveiniant flight package as most get back to Gatwick around midnight!!


Thanks for you’re  helpful replies 😆

Does anyone know the difference between the two hotels which Friendship use  in Mallorca ? I can see there seems to be a big difference in the price 😂

ie - - what are the resorts like, hotels   etc 

I booked for Caesars end May for 14 nights and price was much cheaper than I saw last year. Think it depends on your dates. The week after was £400 more. 

Jill 1602, I have only been to the H10 Casa Del Mar in Santa Ponsa, and it is a very lively resort. I believe the other hotel in Mallorca is in a much quieter area.