Gulet Cruises

by ChrisTMartin on Thursday 31 October 2019 13:52

Turkey has never appealed to me! I am sort of on the verge of booking a Gulet Cruise next May, has anyone any advice on these cruises and Turkey in general?


If you like the sea, swimming & total relaxation a gulet cruise is for you! There are usually snorkel(s) & a kayak on board. Excellent food as well. I really like Turkey and the friendly Turks. Been there twice this year including a gulet week. Should have been another gulet week this month but due to Thomas Cook going down it was cancelled but I had 2 weeks in the amazing Raga hotel. I've been to Turkey and on gulets countless times.

Hi ChrisTMartin.   Never done a gulet but have done many holidays in Turkey. The Turkish are lovely welcoming people they also have a great sense of humour. Turks want you to love their country. The service culture is excellent and if they can get what you want will go out of their way to help you. cheers Jane 

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