Beaulieu Hotel Walking Break

by ChristineW on Thursday 6 May 2021 15:58



I have booked to go on the two night New Forest walking break staying at the Beaulieu Hotel on 11th June. Just wondering if anyone else is going or perhaps have already been. 

This will be my first holiday alone. I am 64, so really hoping I won't be too old compared to everyone else!





I  have  been  on  a few  holidays  with  friendship  age is not a problem  it's  what you want  from  a  break .  I'm  73   have a grate time  Garry

sorry can't  spell  great!  

Hi Christine,

                I am also booked in for the walking weekend on June 11th....I'm older than you so don't worry! Look forward to meeting up soon.


Many thanks for the replies to my post. It's reassuring that age is not considered a problem. I look forward to meeting you soon Kate!

I'm booked too. I'm younger, but it never matters. Let's all have some laughs! If you're anything like me, we've missed it in the last year :)

Hi Christine,  I'm around your age too!  Looking forward to meeting you and the others tomorrow.....eek! 😊


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