Christmas in Daventry UK

by Angela L on Sunday 24 May 2020 22:23

I have booked Christmas in Daventry UK after not being able to go to Turkey this summer. Has anyone else booked for this hotel?


Me too, I planned my holidays in Istanbul with Best Places to Visit, I canceled the booking and now I would like to go to Daventry for Christmas but I don´t know a good hotel.

hi marc you stay at the deventry court hotel 


Look forward to seeing you if you book. I think it is a new hotel for Friendship. I am new to Friendship travel so am hoping i will enjoy the break. I am sure i will. Probably looking to book Lindos Memories in Greece for next year ( depending on how virus situation develops).

Newbie to friendship travel, thinking of going to Daventry Court Hotel, just wondering who else is going, also if there are any dialysis facilities available near by as I need dialysis, thanks 

Hi Angie

I just booked Daventry after having to postponed Montenegro till next June.

Really looking forward meeting lovely people again.

                      Best Steve

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