Travel Insurance options - 2020 Holidays

by ColumatFTMD on Wednesday 26 August 2020 08:36

If anyone is wanting to take a holiday in 2020 and looking at travel insurance options, below are a few points which may help you. All travel insurance is different depending on your circumstances ( age, medical conditions - where you are going to - what activties you will do on holiday). There is no one set rule which applies to everyone. 

Generally if you had a annual travel insurance policy (one which lasts 12 months for a variety of holidays) and you bought the policy before the end of March (when COVID was declared a pandemic) your policy covers holidays booked and covers if you have COVID on holiday. If in doubt call your insurance cmpany to check. 

If you had booked your holiday in February 2020 for a departure in September 2020 and bought your 'one trip' travel insurance in February 2020, generally you are covered. If in doubt call your insurance cmpany to check.

If you paid for your holiday with your credit card or main bank account, some banks/credit card companies provide travel insurance for your holiday - check with your bank.

If you wish to book a new holiday today for example - travelling in 2020 and you want to buy travel insurance which covers you if you take COVID during your holiday, many companies now provide this cover.  You can click here for some details  OR Call Columbus Direct on 0845 888 8893 and say you were recommended to call by FRiendship Travel, to obtain a discount. 

If you are travelling to a area where the FCO advises not to (Spain or Croatia for example) and want to take out travel insurance, currently 3 providers are offering cover. These are StaySureUk  and also Battle Face  and also Insure With Ease -

FCO Travel advise was designed years ago by the UK government to cover areas of war and terriost attacks to stop people travelling, rather than a COVID outbreak. We are expecting in the next 2 weeks more and more travel insurance companies to offer further cover for travel in FCO restricted countries. 

There are a number of countries on the FCO 'don't travel to list - OR quarantine when you return to the UK' and hundreds of flights each day leave the UK to these destinations. 

As always - please telephone the travel insurance company to talk through the details before you buy a policy - as all are different - everyones circumstances are different and there is no 'one size fits all' as everyone wants different things from their travel insurance. 

A final general point - if anyone has any COVID symptoms - they should not be taking a flight but should be following NHS advise. 

For any questions and queries on a holiday this year, please give Friendship Travel a call. We do not sell and are not medically trained to sell travel insurance, we can only point you in the direction of one of these companies above. 

Thanks - Colum - FT MD. 

Be aware!  'Staysure' will NOT cover medical claims relating to coronavirus in countries on the 'banned' list. 

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Hi Jason.  Yes, that's my understanding as well.  I think 'Friendship Travel' should be aware of this.

I have spoken to Staysure and they confirm what Colum has said.

You have to ask for an extension on your insurance to cover countries on the banned list.  You cannot get the quote on line so you have to phone them.My friend who has her insurance with Staysure contacted them today and it cost her £3.50 to add the cover to her insurance for a week. 


I am going to Turkey late September (The Raga) and I am hoping I will not need it but it is reassuring to know I can get Insurance cover if Turkey is added to the banned list.

The only downside is the 14 day quarantine when I get back if Turkey is added to the list.



The 'Staysure' website clearly states it will not cover medical conditions relating to Covid19 if you are in the 'banned' country, even if you have purchased the Extension cover. 

Yes you are right. It doesn't cover Covid 19 on banned countries but at least you get the option to decide if you want to go on holiday and still be insured albeit without Covid cover.

I am just hoping Turkey doesn't get put on the banned list before my holiday.





Hi Eve.  I hope Turkey doesn't get added to the 'banned' list either.  I'm considering The Raga at end of September also.  (Also looking at Pefkos).


Going to The Raga 25th September for a week.  Pefkos is my second choice. Looks good on the video posted on line.


Thanks for the queries .

As others have stated you need to call any of the travel insurance companies . There are several to chose from.

You need to tell them where you are booked for . Unless you are booked to go to Croatia with FT , you don't have a issue with calling for quotes.

Croatia is the only country this applies to in the range of FT countries running in September.