Forever Hotel 23rd September! who is with me?!

by Debsydoo269 on Tuesday 4 June 2019 11:08

Greetings everyone from a not so sunny Manchester!


i do believe that that 9 rooms are booked for the 23rd Sept - who is with me?? 


i am looking forward to my second trip with FT, had a ball last year in Zante! cool


come and say hi


Debbie x

hi debbie depending what time you arrive i will be there but its my last day and i leave quite late in the evening its a lovely place to stay they really look after you nothing is no touble and jean the host is fab you will nave a great time i never want to leave laughing hil

Hi Debbie, thinking about booking. What time are you flying? 


Thats me booked, flying out of Manchester at 6.25am, just visa to get now

I am going the last 2 weeks of the season so flying out from Gatwick on the 30th September, had a blast last year, and wanting to go back, so if you are there for 2 weeks will see some of you


Thanks for the replies, i look forward to meeting new friends and maybe a couple of  old friends (as i went last year to Zante and i do believe a couple from them maybe coming back).






I fly from manchester at 15:50 with Jet2 so you will be there before me ( you lucky thing!)

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Hi Everyone, I am seriously thinking of booking a couple of weeks at the Forever for the end of September.  It will be my first time away on my own, so am also feeling a bit nervous.  I will have been single for a year by this time, so think its time, and I do like the idea of these housepartys.  Will let you know.  Jennie

Had to change week due to family comitments, got sqeezed in last week of season, a stroke of luck, but still going to same hotel, so Debbie, you're going to be there before me now, haha.


PS leave us late goers plenty to drink.