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New Year at Daventry

by GillianK on Tuesday 16 November 2021 16:30

Is anyone going to the New Year Ball at Daventry. I am thinking of going but unsure as to how many are going, as I probably won't know anyone there.

Hi GillianK, I'm going - and don't worry about whether or not you'll know anybody there, as FT travellers are a friendly bunch!  It's a good option if you don't want to spend NYE by yourself, I've been to quite a few of these and all enjoyable.  And some people choose to book an extra day before/after the dinner dance, it's a good opportunity to meet and chat to people in advance of the NYE event itself.  

I booked my ticket for this year's event the day after returning from FT's autumn dinner dance at the same venue - which was excellent.  I hope you decide to join us, and if any questions, give the FT office a call (or post on here).


Hi Gillian,

Like Emma I was there for the end of summer dinner and dance. She is right to say we are a friendly lot and no one ever feels left out. I hope that I will also be able to make it back for the NYE Ball. 

Hi Gillian,

I have now booked New Year and there are now 20 going. Hope to see you there.

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