First time

by Sandy020 on Monday 28 December 2020 14:24

I'm looking to go on one of the holidays in the summer, it is my first time. Any recommendations please ? 

well i would suggest you pick anything that is a 'Houseparty', that way there is always someone around to hang out with and do stuff with, good luck !

Thank you 

i would agree, go for a houseparty. The Forever is my favourite but ai have also done the Appollon in Zakynthos and many prefer that


Ok thanks will look at that one too 

Im booked to go on a house party to Rhodes on 20th October .

Hi, have you been before ?

No itl be my firt time .I was planning on going away last year but moved it to this..Im 51 btw .You fancy going ?

Not sure about October ? Was thinking of the summer if we can 

Always do Rhodes in May or October but wouldn't normally go that late in October as a can be a bit hit or miss!