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Holidays with a good balance of male and female on trips

by Glasgow Rangers on Tuesday 30 November 2021 11:00

Good morning,

I have been widowed for three years now, aged 59, and like socialising.

From experience, can anyone advise which holidays have an equal spread of males and females?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there 

it is pretty much the luck of the draw.  I think as a general rule there are usually more women than men.

My own experience has been a mixture.  Out of six or seven holidays with FT two or three of them have had pretty much an equal number.

Whichever holiday you are interested in there is always the option of giving the office a call and they will advise how many males/females are booked.

Hope this helps.

As above, you can never tell really. When I first started going to the summer house party holidays about 15 years ago, the ladies often seem to outnumber the men by about 2:1 or 3:2.

I've no hard evidence, but I think overall it has probably evened up a little, though I have been on holiday with a small group where I was the only male. I can't say it bothered me, I go on holiday to chill out and it's nice to have pleasant company of either gender.

On recent Christmas and New Year holidays in Cyprus, where groups have tended to be a bit bigger, the numbers seem to have been quite evenly balanced.

really i dont think it really matters, its not like we are going to match up with someone, well, im not anyway, maybe other people are looking for romance, could give the wrong immpression having equal numbers.

I've only been on 2 FT holidays (3rd this coming Xmas!) but both predominantly female. The one in Lindos had 2 men out of a party of about 16, and the one this September in Paros was 2 (then 1) men/man to 7/8 women. 

For me it's about the general company and never as a potential chance to meet a date. In all cases I've met at least one person, 3 in the case of Lindos, who has continued to be a friend I still see.

Thank you all for all of your replies.

Sorry, if I gave the wrong impression.

I am not looking for romance, dates etc.  it is just that I am involved in quite a few "female only" social groups and it is just nice to speak to everyone.

Hi Glasgow Ranger, I totally agree with you it is much better to get a more diverse group of men and women.  I did not think you were looking for romance . Though I have seen this happen a few times over the years. Cheers Jane 

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