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December travel update - Omicron

by ColumatFTMD on Sunday 28 November 2021 14:08

Travel update - for guests travelling in December (including Christmas & New Year), we will be contacting everyone on Monday afternoon / Tuesday morning with updated form / test details .

If possible please wait for us to get in touch with you .

Thanks 😊 for your patience. #Omicron #travelupdate #Solotravel

Thank you for the notification.. I was wondering if you'd be getting in touch to update us all. Look forward  to the call!

Hi Colum, can you advise the best travel insurance for folk planning on taking a UK Christmas break. I have booked but feel a bit concerned about having to self isolate because I have caught COVID or been in close contact with someone who has caught it. I have had all three jabs but may may still need to self isolate. From what I remember from last year few companies offered insurance if you were in an area that you could not travel out of, ie in lockdown. This was my situation. It was only through the generosity of Friendship Travel that I got my money back. For which I am grateful.

Hi Henry

For a UK break you can ask and see the details of

The Post Office

M & S Insurance

There are many other some banks give insurance for travel via their credit card. is best to check and see what they offer, what the terms are and what is best for you. i would suggest to look at 2 or 3 , check what they offer and pick the best for you. 


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