Newbie - Recommedations for sun holiday early September 19

by Sunshine090174 on Wednesday 9 January 2019 20:43

Hello fellow travellers, I am a newbie to friendship travel and looking for recommendations for a sun holiday in early September?!?!? Hoping to stay within Europe, have looked briefly through the website, Mallorca and Greece stand out so far, so any feedback would be appreciated! 

Is it crucial to book really early with FT as I am a little apprehensive doing this as I lost my holiday last year for minor health reasons?!?!? Any advice would be appreciated! 

With Regards! 


I went to the forever hotel in Turkey, cheaper than most, great small hotel just for Friendship travellers, family run and they are lovely, been with Friendship twice and both times there so can only comment on that. As you I was apprehensive first time but as soon as I was met by the rep at the airport I just relaxed. Jean is the rep, she is amazing. Trips are excellent, you can go or not go, no pressure, do your own thing if you want again no pressure. I thought I would be 80% do my own thing as that is me but ended up the other way round. Don't miss the boat trip!! Everyone is different but you are their for the same reason. I haven't heard any bad reviews about anywhere to be fair

Hi newbie sunshine, I have been travelling with FT for the past 4 years to mainly Greece and have never had a problem. As Adam says time is for you to use as you wish but dinner is the only time you have to be with the rest of the group (unless you want to starve ha ha). Usually good mix of people on holidays. I personally love island of Rhodes in Greece and have been to Caesar's Gardens twice and will be going again this year sometime September as this is a small friendly, authentic Greek hotel and only a short walk to bars/shops/beaches in Lindos. If you prefer a larger hotel with it's own beach then Lindos Memories Hotel is also a great choice and I have been there twice. If you like culture and doing trips (which are included in price) then Costa Brava in Spain's Hotel Stella holiday should suit you, FT use a local lady as their host who is brilliant, I have been on this holiday a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. If you don't mind where you go then you can hopefully get a space nearer to you travelling date and do look on the home page as they do advertise some last minute cheaper hols if any vacancies left. Hope this helps. (:-

Many thanks for the lovely replies and recommendations, they are much appreciated. I certainly like the sound of the Greek Islands but am open to any recommendations. I will keep looking on the website and check in on the chat room regularly to see if anything catches my eye. I will possibly book closer to my holiday dates in September and see what is available. Any more recommendations from fellow travellers would be greatly received. Thank you in advance for any advice it’s much appreciated. Happy holidays everyone! With Regards! 

I agree with Adam, you cannot beat the Forever hotel in Turkey.   Family run, well organised, Jean the rep is a gem/one off.  Clean but basic, good food on the nights you eat in.  et away from the town on a hill so you get cooling breezes.  Hisaronu is the local town, ten mins walk away, with plenty of night life and shops with "designer" goods.   Last September it was full and there were some in an overflow hotel.  Mixed ages but we all got on very well.   I will be going again this year probaby in September again as it is cooler.    I have been to Memories and it is very good, but with the euro not as good value as The Forever. 

I agree with bEverley girl, the Forever is very special. Lovely family run hotel, okay not five star but spotlessly clean, great service. Location is good within walking distance of shops and bars. I have been twice and going back again this year. Jean the rep takes great care to make sure new people are not left out and has great local knowledge for whatever you want to do. She is the best FT host IMO. (She is not paying me for this review!!!) Many people return to the Forever because of the atmosphere. I have also been to the Appollo but not keen on the location, many people go again and again and love it but I prefer the Forever. Beautiful gardens, a nicer pool and quieter location.




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