Summer 2021 holiday updates & office opening hours

by ColumatFTMD on Wednesday 9 June 2021 11:31

Hello everyone

Colum here, the MD of Friendship Travel. I wanted to give you an update on our holiday plans for Friendship Travel this summer.

  1. We were positive and hoped this summer, some holidays would run after the UK Government travel task force reported in April with details of 'lead by data, being clear with all info, having a green watch list and notice periods'.
  2. From the announcement last week, we can see this is not happening this summer. We appreciate health needs to come first, but the government also needs to be honest with the travel industry and also you, the travelling public and stick to what they say. The travel task force told us in April there would be a ‘Green Watch List’ for destinations at risk of moving from Green to Amber, but this didn’t happen last week.
  3. The constant chopping and changing is not fair on myself and my team, our overseas suppliers and partners, or you, our customers.
  4. Due to this we have decided not to take any new reservations for any holidays departing before Sunday 15 August 2021. We will be in touch with anyone who has booked a holiday before the 15 August, in due course.
  5. From Monday 16 August onwards, subject to advice from the government and the UK Foreign office travel advise portal, we plan to run holidays to Green & Amber list countries. We would hope and expect this to be our firm favourites in Turkey, Greece and Spain, plus the Caribbean. If you are happy to book a holiday and travel under the Green & Amber test requirements, please give us a call to book.
  6. Between the 14 June and the 9 August our offices will be open on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday only from 10.00 – 16.00 hours for calls and emails.  
  7. The Friendship Travel team will be here once our holidays start again in the middle of August 2021 and we look forward to organising and taking you on a great holiday from mid-August onwards. September is already heavily booked, so please do get in touch if you are thinking of taking a holiday in late Summer 2021.

All our holidays including flights are fully ATOL protected by our UK government license number 6683.

A huge thanks to all my team, our suppliers and all the guests who travelled with us before COVID-19 and in the few weeks we were open in Summer 2020.

Having operated Friendship Travel for over 24 years, I know things will get better once COVID has passed and I look forward to chatting to many of you on holiday with Friendship Travel, later in Summer 2021/2022.


Colum McLornan

Managing Director

Friendship Travel

Thanks for this Colum.  May I ask a couple of questions....

1.  I have paid a deposit for two weeks Turkey in September - as it is Red, will Friendship still expect me to pay for the whole holiday next week?  Obviously I would rather wait another month or so to see if it gets onto the Amber list.  I would still go as long as it is at least Amber.  What are my options if it stays red?

2.  As more of your staff are being furloughed what will be the average wait time for refunds?


Kind regards.  Gail


Hi Gail

Thanks for the questions.

1. You still need to pay your balance in full. We will be running holidays in September to Amber countries and we would expect Turkey to be Green or Amber.

2. All throughout COVID we have refunded the majority of guests within 30 days, unless we are struggling to get refunds from an airline, normally Ryanair. We would always work to the 30 days target and expect in 90% of cases to meet this. 

3. If in time you decide you do not wish to travel in September please give us a call and we can talk through your options. 


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