Apollon hotel

by Kriss on Monday 3 June 2019 12:44

Thinking of going Sept 26th first time on my own any more newbies going i am a bit scared doing it kris

Hi Kris, nothing to be scared of, youve picked the best place to go for your first time, because the hotel is all friendship travel there is always someone around to hang around with, whether its going to the beach or shopping, or just lazing around with  chatting. have a great time , chris  

Thanks still thinking about it my first holiday since wife past away

hi kriss ....im going on 26th sept for 2 wks...im a newbie too.... im flying from east mids...at 06.40....you?

I will be flying from manchester still not fully committed yet

Is anyone flying from manchester to Apollon hotel on 26th Sept if yes maybe could meet

Kriss,  you will not be on your own at the Apollon unless you want to be. I went last year for my 2nd solo trip. I can honestly say it was one of the best holidays I've every had. Hotel may be basic but company was great. Location is fabulous. A fellow guest, who i now consider a friend, was recently widowed. Like you he was apprehensive and he had a great time too. I know he's just booked again for 4th July. I'm going on my 3rd solo trip this weekend to Hotel Raga. I don't think the apprehension will ever go for me but I see it as an adventure to meet new people. Remember we all have one thing in common to begin with....we're all solo travellers. Feel the fear and do it anyway!! Remember not everyone uses the chat room. I was identified by bookmark on first holiday & luggage tag on 2nd holiday. Go for it.

Thanks for your message i was wondering about the age group that goes to Apollon i am in my 50s 

kriss, dont worry about ages, the majority are 50's, 60's and even older, and a few younger ones as well, but it dosnt matter, everyone joins in and has a great time, you become part of a big family.

Kriss, I'm in my 50's too. The age range last year was 44-75 yrs but most were 50s. Don't get hung up on age because you'll find a good age mix brings variety to the conversation. I can sense your apprehension about booking. It's a budget hotel. I paid extra for top floor room. Well worth it. You are within short walk of bars one way and beach the other. The hotel is small with a bar. If you want company for the day just ask at breakfast what people's plans are. Apollon attracts a larger group so on any day someone will stay by pool/beach/walk/shops/taxi/trip. I'd be on my own on the beach one minute look round and others would join me. You will always have company if you want it. You all meet at 7pm in the bar ready for dinner. After dinner you tend to disperse into smaller groups. Lovely bar next door if you don't want to walk. Or a short stroll will bring you to plenty of bars and crazy golf. Am I selling it to you yet? Read any newbie thread and you will get reassurances.