Forever Hotel - 24th June - Who's Going?

by mac_no1 on Tuesday 16 April 2019 20:48

Hi, I'm booked into the Forever for two weeks leaving on the 24th June from Manchester. It will be my third visit to this hotel in the last 12 months so you can guess that I like the resort and the house party concept laughing

I understand there are only 2 places left for the first week and 9 currently booked for the second week.

So who's already booked then?

Anyone flying from Manchester on the 24th with EasyJet (06:25 departure) ? Be nice to meet up at the airport if there is anyone else on this flight.

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Not had any replies as yet! Anyone booked?

Hi, yes I'm booked as are a number of other people who I've met before.  See you there!  Jayne


im booked for 2 weeks from 17th June, so will see you the second week

Karen x

Hi Jayne/Karen, yes will see you both there, looking forward to it.


I’ll be there,too, Malc. Flying from East Midlands. Will not be there until the early hours of Tuesday.


Why is Chernobyl so popular? I want to go there. Found interesting tours of Pripyat. What do you think about it?

Hi Wendy, I'm usually a night owl so might still be at the bar when you arrive laughing if not then see you the next morning.

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