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22nd August to 5th September Forever Hotel Olu Deniz

by Paul SN on Monday 20 June 2022 14:11



Newbie here and just booked...yikes! first holiday alone though travelled extensively on business on my lonesome.  Just wondering if there's anyone out there sharing the same dates?

To be honest very excited to be going :-)



Hi Paul

I won't be there on your dates but you've chosen a great hotel for your first solo holiday and I'm sure you'll have a really good time!  

It's a favourite for many of us.

Hi Paul

I'm a regular at the Forever and I will be there for the same fortnight - flying from Manchester on Monday 22nd and arriving lunchtime (hopefully!).

The Forever may only be a small family run hotel but I've always enjoyed excellent holidays there - the house party concept works very well. The two brothers who own the place (Baz and Oz) are excellent and Jean is a brilliant rep (sorry FT refer to her as a host!).

No doubt you have checked out the various FT videos about the Forever but I'm happy to try and answer questions if you wish.


Thank you both for your replies, very much appreciated. 

Phil, looking forward to meeting you, I'm arriving Monday afternoon let's have a beer to toast our holiday.

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