Serre Chevalier Chalet Refuge 2nd Feb

by PaulaR on Thursday 3 January 2019 15:15

Hello. I am booked for Chalet Refuge Serre Chevalier on 2nd Feb. Wondered if anybody else going?


I’ve just book on for this holiday, first time with this company, looking forward to blowing the cobwebs out on the slopes. Have you been before??? Just trying to decide whether to pre book my lift pass/ski/boots or do it when I get there?? 


Hi Leisa, I've skiied a couple of times with FT before and have always arranged lift passes and any equipment needed via the chalet hosts in advance.  I stayed at Chalet Maya in Alpe d'Huez 2 years ago (I think the Serre Chevalier chalet is run by the same firm) and the chalet guys sorted everything out for us - the lift passes were waiting for us when we arrived and we were taken up to the hire shop to get kitted out.  You could probably save a bit of money organising it yourself (I've used Skiset before on non-FT holidays, they are usually quite cheap) but I've found it more convenient to leave it all to the chalet staff.  Suggest you speak to the FT office and see what they advise.  Have a good trip, I'm in St Christoph that week so let's hope the white stuff keeps falling!

Thanks for that Dennis the menace (lol) . I’ve had a price off FT so think I’ll just do as you’ve suggested. Happy Skiing! 

Hi Leisa. I went on a FT  chalet holiday in Alpe D'Huez 2 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. 8 of us in chalet and very sociable, hoping this will be the same! Ski lessons are a bonus. When you spoke to office did they let you know the make up of the group? Paula


Hi im a newbie really wanting to go skiing this season bur my ski friend has an injury so im considering going on my todd has anyone got any info its a bit scary first time alone .. Cath


Hi Cath...nothing to be scared of! I've only been once before, and the majority of the group introduced themselves on this chat room first which was really helpful. I've just spoken to friendship travel and they said the group is 5 men and 3 women, there is one room left which they would like a woman to book to try and balance the group up. 

We broke into 2 skiing ability groups and skied in those groups in the morning, met for lunch then all skied together in the afternoon.

We all got on well, we were 8 which is a nice sociable number. The free wine with dinner every night helped! 

As it was a catered chalet we only went out one evening, every other night we stayed in.

Hope this helps!


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