Good morning.

by Dave1958 on Tuesday 15 October 2019 12:43

I have never been on a singles holiday, or a friendship holiday. Was just wondering how this type of holiday is like.


Hello and welcome, David.

I'd suggest looking the the thread started by Julise (below) on Sunday, as it's basically the same question.

Hi David. Friendship travel is a great company in my opinion. I have travelled with them to many destinations over several years, had great holidays, made many new friends and always been happy with their organisation and the hotels. If you go to the menu on this app there is a section of FAQs with answers which may be helpful to you. The brochure for summer 2020 is now online and can be downloaded from the main site I suggest you peruse it and see if anything interests you and if you have any queries about a specific destination do post here as I’m sure you will find someone who has been and is happy to answer. Alternatively, the office staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and will answer any queries either in general or about a specific resort if you give them a ring.

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