Ocean Dunas Corralejo Fuerteventura 28th Dec - who's going?

by Binky54 on Sunday 20 October 2019 09:18

Hi  Just seeing if any one else booked so far?  I've been told there are some staying from 21st Dec through to 4th Jan but not sure how many. I did contact FT to ask if there they knew of any plans at the hotel so far for New Years eve celebrations at the hotel  & been advised FT wont know until early December.  It's my 65th on the 29th  & didn't want to be in Grey "UK"!!! So looking forward to having a good time with "new chums" - I've used FT twice before & enjoyed the company of all those i've met & looking forward to meeting  you too xx

thanks for letting me kown i mite be intersted how many going

Hi - I was advised by FT 8 are booked in......


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