First Timer - Forever Hotel.

by KarenB36 on Tuesday 12 October 2021 15:54

Hi All.  I've not been away on my own before and  FT has been recomended to me.  I'm thinking about a May break at Forever Hotel.  Any help or tips gratefully received before I build up the courage to book!  Thank you

Can't go wrong with the house party idea. Small family run hotel, beautiful grounds and pool, all very nicely kept and a legendary FT Host!

The concept is very simple; get out and about or lie by the pool all day – your choice, but there are always friendly fellow guests around especially at meal times.

it's a really popular destination, understandably so.

 i know it was a nice hotel but i believe due to covid it has sadly closed down and they arent sure when its re opening sorry

Ive just checked on booking .com and they say the hotel is no longer taking any reservations  

^^^ Just my understanding, so please someone correct me if I'm wrong!

The hotel was not able to open until late September in any case, because it is used exclusively by Friendship Travel, and Turkey was in the red zone for travel from the UK before 22nd September.

When Turkey was taken out of the red zone, as I understand it the decision was made not to reopen the hotel as it was quite near to the end of season anyway, but to offer a few end of season holidays in a larger, year round hotel in a different resort.

Bookings appear to be open on the Friendship Travel website from May 2022 onwards. In other words, it looks as though it will be open next season.

Thanks, yes this is correct. Summer 2021 the hotel was on as the UK had Turkey on the red list. 

For Summer 2022 the hotel is bookable on the Friendship Travel website. 

Thank you all so much for your help. I have booked this for 30 May 22 so hopeful will be open then and my holiday will go ahead x

Hi Karen..Just booked the Forever for 2 weeks next year, 9th to 23rd May, this will be my 4th time there..great hotel, very a balcony or top floor room.  The first singles holiday is always the hardest to do but honestly everyone is single for whatever reason and we all had that feeling the first time.  Take the plunge and book there's 20% off if you book before the 31st January!  Lorraine

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