Fuerteventura or Turkey

by AKA Jimmy on Sunday 3 March 2019 11:44

Hi All,

This is my first time at this so I need some guidance, i'm 40 years old male and looking for a relaxing holiday without listening to kids running around causing mayhem no offence to anyone. So far I have read good things about Fuerteventura and Turkey and I really can't decide?

I'm looking to book in September possibly weeks/c the 9th or the 16th, travelling from Birmingham. Little bit nervous at the moment but i'm sure as time gets closer i'll be looking forward to it just like you guys.

Please do mention the dates you guys are travelling in Sept and the hotels? will be nice to make new holiday friends.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Many thanks



Being a teacher I can't travel in September until I retire in 2020.

However, kids should not be a problem in mid-September as they should be in school across Europe.

I believe the Furteventura hotel is adults only and if you are looking at the Forever that is FT guests only.

Should be fine for you.

i think by now steve we all know you are a teacher ,although you you cant change dates you have far more than the rest of us ,i would recommend ocean dreams although i think it is a little overpriced ,there is no comparison if you are looking for a peaceful  pampered holoiday.

yes i agree with kimberley, it is a nice peaceful hotel ,but you are only 40, and there is loads of night life 10 t0 15 mins away if you want it .walking distance .

I’m trying the hotel in Side which Friendship are using for the first time this year , I’m going for 2 weeks on 21st September. I like that it’s All Inclusive, the proximity to the beach & this is a part of Turkey I’ve not gone to before . To be honest , it’s hard to go wrong with a FT holiday so you will enjoy whichever one you book ! 


Thanks guys for all your responses, it’s going to be a tough one 🤔 I’m inclining more towards Turkey. I’m not really a big fan of nights out, for someone who’s 40 I’m quite boring, I rather just chill at the hotel. Still haven’t booked yet so hopefully I can reach a conclusion very soon.


hi jimmy i am going to the forever in turkey 9th of september for 2 weeks you dont have to go out to the bars in the evening the bar stays open really late and there is always people around the owners treat you like part of their family and jean the rep is really lovely i have been quite a few times so its like going home you can do whatever you like there too hope that helps if so see you at the bar 


I can highly recommend Ocean Dreams, I went last September for first time and liked it so much returning again this September. It’s a very relaxing adults only hotel, can’t fault it and if you want nightlife it’s only 10 minutes away. The hotel doesn’t offer much entertainment, the occasional singers and musicians, but they also have a nice bar. Added bonus, nice and quiet with no kids allowed. Sue

Thanks Sue and hil, wow you guys have got me really thinking now. Sue oceans sounds great I think I may leave that to next year, hil I’ll see you at the bar first round on me. I enquire about the forever hotel on the 9th September and what I like about it is that it will only be the friendship travel guests there.

I'm going to book this at the end of the month, sounds too good to miss out. Ps can someone explain to me what the house party is about?

looking forward to it now.

thank you all.

Iam hoping to go the first week to the forever house party