Thinking of booking a gulet holiday Turkey.

by Grizelda on Friday 25 October 2019 12:07

Has anyone been on one could tell me a bit about it? I'm quite a lively 60+ widow not looking for love but friendly company would be nice! I'm pretty sociable but dont want party party! Really happy to hear from anyone who has been on this holiday.

Hi... I've been on countless gulet cruises with FT including 2 back to back weeks. Each one is different depending on who the others are. Generally it's just very relaxing, and the gulet makes 2 stops a day in different bays, maybe a stop in another port. Mainly chilling, sunbathing & swimming and there is normally a kayak on board. Food is excellent and the crews are mostly very helpful and look after you! I'm sure that I will find my way onto one next year.....I was due to go on 2 this year but thanks to Thomas Cook the 2nd one didn't happen....

Been   on  loads  of gulets  over the years  great  way  to spend a very  relaxing  week   you  can  party as much  as you  want  or  not  it's  up  to  you , mainly  a quite  week .   give it  a go .  Garry

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