Rags hotel end of August 2019

by Maria on Tuesday 9 July 2019 21:05


my names Maria, first time with Friendship singles. I will be going to the Raga hotel last week in August. I’ll be flying from Newcastle.

looking forward to meeting the rest of the group😎



Hello, I'm thinking of going here on 17th August, also flying from Newcastle.

I've been on two Friendship holidays so far and loved every minute so I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time :-)

Thanks for replying. If you are going in August keep in touch. We could meet at the airport. 

Just realised I’m going out the week after the 17! Lol 

It's my nephew's 18th birthday a few days after I get back, otherwise I would've considered going the same week. Our planes might fly pass each other on the 24th so I'll give you a wave!

laughing  🖐 

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