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by Linda C on Sunday 14 April 2019 10:16

Hi, my name is Linda, I am thinking of going to Rhodes (Memories Hotel) end of May beginning of June.I haven’t been to Rhodes before, have had one holiday with Ft to Blue Mar Majorca which was lovely. Is anyone booked for Memories? I shall be flying from Bristol. 

coolHi Linda. Lindos is fab. Very pretty, made up of sugar cube houses nestled in small cobbled streets. Memories is a great hotel with a private beach, adults only and the food is very good. I’ve been loads and am returning at end of May for a couple of weeks. Worth every penny!


Thank you, will definitely book.

Hi my name is Muriel and I stay at Memories twice a year. 

Beautiful hotel, quite intimate because of only 70 rooms, excellent food and wonderful location.

I am visiting there on the 19th June for 2 weeks and again later in September.

Regards. Muriel.  

Hi, I am thinking of Memories for next year as heard good reports. What’s the weather like mid September, as want to go when less hot?

Also what is nearby the hotel, any restaurants, bars etc., or anywhere to stroll for a bit of shopping? Thanks Sue

Hi SueR 

I have always found September not too hot but the weather in the last few years seems to be all over the place. There are  no restaurants really near accept the Aqua Grand 5 star next door, the food us nice but you have not got the sea view which is at Memories beach lunchtime restaurant . It is the same with bars. To do shopping, bars or restaurants you have to go to Lindos village. The walk is about 25  minutes I think??. I go into Lindos quite regularly but take a few minutes taxi drive. 8.5 Euros in and 6 Euros back to hotel. There is no shade on the walk to Lindos that is why I take taxi. Cheers Jane 


Thanks for your comments, useful to know. I th k it would be taxis for me too, wouldn’t like to walk 20 minutes in the heat. What do people tend to do of an evening, is there entertainment in the hotel? Do they have an indoor pool, spa and gym. Sue

I had 2 weeks at Memories in May/June 2017, and this is my "take" which might be helpful....

Distinct change in weather from last week in May to 1st week in June (Was sometimes cool and wet in May but hot and sunny every day in June)

Absolutely classy hotel. Rooms don't  really give much of a sea view side on, but they are lovely big, well-appointed, and smart, comfortable rooms. Light and airy.

Staff  are smiling, helpful, and friendly

Food was generally good but it took far too long to get through dinner.. I preferred the buffet really, and breakfasts were great.

So nice to have a beach area a few steps from the very nice pool area.

Nice cocktails in the bar, and some good live music, too.

I rather liked the walk to and from Lindos town, and it isnt really arduous if you are an averagely fit and fairly active person normally. It works off some of the calories of the food and cocktails­čśü

As for evening activities, there are a couple of meals out somewhere, and there is a a little bar crawl (though very seemly), buddying up with FP guests from Caesar's Gardens. Personally, myself and a couple of new friends went into Lindos town on other evenings too, and also teamed up with the Caesars Gardens guests again sometimes. There are the shops, restaurants, bars, music, sports and rooftop bars etc in Lindos at night once you get into June and beyond.

As a note of caution, it's like anything when you are getting together with strangers: the right or wrong company can make or break a holiday anywhere. My first week was made first-rate by the group that week, but the second week, group was a different story.

Oh, and if you like weddings, there are plenty to watch on the beach! I since consider myself a professional wedding attendee, and it did become quite entertaining:) 




SunshineSummer, thanks for some very useful comments, I may consider going in May/June instead of September. There seems to be lots to do if you go into Lindos and I am sure there are a few trips you can go on arranged by FT if you want. One hotel I think I will consider definitely for next year. Sue

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