Turkey next year

by Suzey on Wednesday 25 September 2019 20:17

hi I’m thinking of going on one of the holidays next year turkey looks good, I haven’t been away on one of these holidays before is there anyone else also first timer be nice to chat get some ideas 

Hi it will be the first solo holisay for me too, and im quite lookinf forward to it, 

Hi my name is Mandy I am going to Forever Hotel on Monday, not quite sure which hotel you are looking at, I shall post what it's like. 

First time for me too - I'm a 60+ widow. Looking at a gulet in Turkey in May. Sounds fun but hope not too much - not looking for a 18-30 type holiday!

don't   worry   nothing  like   18-30   but   you can get party nights depends on other guests .   Garry


 Hi. Suzey

       I’ve made the plunge I’m going to Pathos for Christmas and New Year. I’ve not been with FT before so really nervous about it, but I’ve chatted to others that have been places and it sounds fantastic. I’m so looking forward to going . I will let you know what it like on my return

    Go on Suezy make a move  I’m sure you’ll love it.    Good Luck. Pam

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