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by Julise on Sunday 13 October 2019 15:29

My name I'd Julise I am new to this forum. I would like to know what are the benefits of being a single traveller and belonging to this group!



Will someone please advise me 

Hi, Julise 

 You have come to the right place to ask that question. This isn’t really a group, more a forum for people who are contemplating holidays with Friendship Travel or are recent or regular travellers with the company. 

 Although travelling on your own can be great in some ways, there are times when a little company is very welcome, especially to avoid the “table for one with a book“ scenario in the evening. 

 Depending on the holidays you choose, you are pretty much free to do what you want all day, and the party comes together for drinks before dinner, after which we all eat together and sometimes even have a drink or two! 

 Of course, you will be able to spend time with fellow guests during the day as well, going on excursions or perhaps just sitting on the beach or by the pool. 

 I have been on about 15 of these holidays over the last 14 years also (plus one or two with other companies and a couple of trips with friends).  I suppose my strongest recommendation is the fact that I just keep coming back. 

Hi i went on my first friendship holiday to xante in Sept i was a bit nervous but realised did not have to be it was so good will be going back next year for two holidays just take the plunge and book you will not be disappointed i would recommend Apollon hotel xanti great location kriss

Welcome Julise  I have been going on these holidays for some years always have great fun . The great advantage of travelling alone but in a group is you are free to do as you wish. There are often a group around the pool , some people go off exploring. Others may want to spend time alone .  The choice is yours. Just pick the holiday you want and you should end up with like minded people . Good luck Cheers Jane 

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