Raga Hotel 20th July

by Stho on Monday 8 July 2019 14:06

Hi everyone, new to single travelling. Is anyone going to the Raga on 20th July? Bit nervous about the numbers going as haven't seen any posts for that date!

I'm not going until September 28th which isn't very helpful, but if you give FT a call they will only be too happy to give you the current numbers and the M/F breakdown. Feedback on the hotel has been great and I can't wait! There are probably more people that don't use the chatroom than do. Have a great time!

Yes, I'll give them a call, thanks for the encouragement! 

Ah, you've missed my thread from 30th June, where I issued a roll call for the same trip. Admittedly I only got one response, but at least we now know of three of us!

I'm headed out on the 1430 Thomson flight from Gatwick, so will be getting in fairly late.

Don't worry about it being your first solo holiday, I've done three of them before and I remember feeling like that as well (they say you never forget your first time...). I'm sure we're all lovely!


Thanks Richard, am on the same flight from Gatwick too, will look out for the luggage tags!

Hi Everyone,

Im new to friendship travel, never done anything like this before. Im going to the Raga in turkey on the 27th July for 2 weeks, is anyone else booked to go then.

Anyone flying from Manchester.




I had to chuckle at Rodders' comment that "they will be only too happy to give you the numbers and M/F breakdown"...

It just reminded me of the old joke:

"Can I have a list of guests broken down by sex and age?"

"Well, actually, that's pretty much all of them..."

Don't worry, folks, I really will be there all week!


Oh that made me laugh Richard makes me wish I was going there too I do love to laugh and bad jokes are the best! I was just having a nosey on the chat room.  I am off to Zante in September myself.  Have a great holiday.  Eileen

Hi Caroline, unfortunately am leaving the day you arrive. As Richard said above, contact FT, they'll tell you how many are going. Like you, it's my first time too, 5 days to go, getting excited now!

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