by codie on Sunday 9 June 2019 12:27

i wonder who is goin

sorry i wonder anyone going on the 15 june

Hi  Codie, I assume you mean Hotel Raga...i'm there now and will still be here next week along with 2 other ladies. Total of 6 guests next week the office said. Where are you flying from and what time do you expect to land? If you miss dinner ask them to show you to bistro -1 and you can order snack/proper meal. Look forward to meeting you Lesley x

Hi codie im going on the 15th cant wait to get away from this rain will get there late at night look forward to meeting you 


Hi there not sure going to be able to make it a legal problem that I might be  sought out tomorrow and if so try to come. Maybe I'll have to wait till next week should see some. Hope you have a wonderful time enjoy that nice weather we are not getting. If I don't come I'm really jealous.

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