Lindos Memories or Ceaser's Gardens

by Chocci on Sunday 8 July 2018 22:11

can't decide whether to go to Lindos Memories or Ceaser's Gardens... advice from anyone who's been... thank you!

Hi, I went to both in 2016 and would recommend and return to both. They each have advantages over the other. Memories obviously has the lovely beach as well as the pool area but isn't so easy to walk into Lindos. Rooms, food and ambience is lovely. Caesars isn't near a beach but is easily walkable into Lindos and has the pool and also the jacuzzi/garden area with balinese beds as well as sunbeds. Again rooms (converted apartments so very large), food and ambience is lovely. The staff at both hotels are very welcoming and there's a spa at each. I'd say if you love a beach and you don't mind paying the extra plump for Memories but if you prefer to be closer to Lindos and for it to be walkable go for Caesars. I am sure you'd love either. 

Hi I would also agree it all depends if you are a beach lover.  My choice is Memories as I like an early morning swim in the sea. The beach  and pool beds at Memories are very comfortable. You can also order drinks food etc from your beach bed. Memories have loads of happy smiling staff attentive to your every need. I have just returned and some people were walking into Lindos. I choose to go by taxi € 8.5 in and € 6 back . There is also a bus at the top of the road but it was very hot when I was there. Many of my friends are huge fans of Caesars and it is a great place. I think it is all up to personal preferences. Good luck 

Thank you both for your feedback - they’re both so appealing! But what you’ve both said has been very useful.

many thanks 

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