by Jedi on Saturday 12 October 2019 10:07

im hoping to book thiis one .

 Hi. Not sure when you want to go, but one member who booked recently for Christmas said that they had taken the last place. However, it’s always worth giving the FT office a call to see what the state of play is. 

P.S.  I think a number of people are getting caught out by their spellcheck over the name of this resort. It’s actually PAPHOS (or PAFOS).

Pathos is an emotional device used in the Arts.

I can understand spellcheckers not reading it properly.

A timely reminder about the spelling of Paphos. When I saw the heading I thought it was a thread full of sad stories from Thomas Cook victims. 

^^^ or indeed of those stable dwellers displaced by the Census of Quirinius. 

 I think I shall enjoy meeting you – you’re on my wavelength! cool

Not to be confused with PAROS, another friendship travel destination, which is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea!!!!

Went there with FT a few years ago.  A beautiful island and a destination to consider for the summer.

There’s that too, Christine! 

Very confusing as a lot of Greek & Cypriot names end with -os, not to mention -thos! 

Think Zakynthos, not to mention Mythos! (Though of course it’s Keo and León in Cyprus. cool

-phos is much less common.

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