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5*Melas Lara All-Inclusive Hotel Turkey.

by Cath Lincs on Saturday 20 November 2021 20:20

Hi , I have booked this Hotel for Christmas, has anyone else?, or has anyone been to this Hotel before?.  I know that it is new to Friendship Travel, and it looks marvellous, but I really hope that I don't end up on my own. Getting a bit nervous. Catherine.

Hi Cath

The hotel is amazing and there is our guests booked with FT, so you will have a great time

Anyone else wnats to join - get in touch


Just as a matter of interest Colum......what is the minimum number of guests required for a holiday to go ahead??

Hi Colum, Thank you for your reassurance. Yes, the 5* All Inclusive Melas Hotel in Turkey looks amazing, and I am really looking forward to spending Christmas there.   Catherine.

Hi Caz

Minimum numbers depend on different factors like type of holiday - beach - ski - uk break - city break. Whether a short break or a longer holiday, whats on offer at the hotel and what guests want.

There is no set fixed number - is the short answer.


Thanks for your reply Colum smile

Hi caz59,  Are you booked for Christmas or New Year at this hotel ?. Catherine.

Hi Christine

No......Just a general enquiry, but if you're concerned give the office a ring.  They can tell you how many are booked.

Sorry.......Catherine!! embarassed

Hi caz59, Thank you for your advice. I am really looking forward to getting away this Christmas. Catherine.

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