by LincsJan on Thursday 7 March 2019 10:11

Thinking of trying one of the holidays. Am 69yrs but active and sociable, am I too old to fit in with the client group? Thanks





Hi there,

Welcome, Im pleased you have asked the question. Im 61 and these holidays are great for all ages.  I have been holidaying with FT for 6 years and I always have a wonderful time. Its great to mix with different age groups we all have something to bring to the table, Just give the office a call and they will be able to help you book the most appropriate holiday for you,


Sue xxx

Thanks for the reassurance, Sue. I do have friends from all age groups, and take part in activities with younger (and older) people. I think this has given me a good outlook. I need to give it a go.


I am 69 and like yourself sociable and active.  I have booked the Forever Hotel in Turkey for w/c 9th September as this seems to be recommended for first timers!

It's also my first solo holiday after being widowed last year, so although quite daunting I feel I must strike out on my own.  Looking forward to some great company, good food and perhaps the odd drink or two!

Hi  I'm 61yrs sadly I also lost my husband 5months ago and have been looking at going on a solo holiday but wasnt sure what age group go Will now have a look at Turkey for 12th Sept

Sorry 9th  Sept

Thanks for the replies. I lostmy husband just over a year ago too. I miss holidays, so want to create some new memories. Jan

Well it's my first trying a singles holiday 2 iam looking at the first week in the forever iam  30 and I the aspect of all ages been together it's all about the company we will look after each other  

I am 51 and have been on 3 FT holidays. On these I have met people ranging from early 30's to 80's so all ages can mix really well. Most of my friends are older than me so used to mixing with all ages. Don't let age stop you booking a holiday with FT. As a single woman I find the holidays ideal for having the privacy of your own room but company for meals and during the day too if you want. On all my holidays I have spent my daytime with fellow guests too. You can make great new friends. I had a fellow FT friend join me on holiday last year (I met her in 2016) and 2 friends I met - one last year and one in 2016 - joining me in Lindos this year.


im 56 and went to the forever hotel last Sept and had a great time....I’ve booked to go 9.9 for two weeks...so hope that helps u x